Traveling Classroom STEM Pet

Traveling Classroom STEM Pet

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Here is a TRULY unique way to share the love of STEM with other peers. Your child will have a week of fun with our traveling classroom STEM pet (don't worry parents... your child will unknowingly have a new "pet" and not a used one). This unique kit comes with STEM tasks (all material included) to do with their pet. They will send the kit back to me so that it can be prepared  to be shared with another friend the next week. The beauty of this kit is that, they will:

*earn a new pen pal

*go on creative journeys with the traveling pet

*open their kit to see something a friend from the previous week left for them

*leave something special for the next friend

*complete STEM challenges with their traveling pet

Once this kit is purchased, you will receive an email that will include the dates/week your child is scheduled to enjoy our traveling pet. Sending the kit back to me is free for you!