What is STEM? 

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. Exploring STEM in school and at home means that children are integrating (mixing) all of these subjects together to solve a problem. MUCH LIKE what adults do everyday in the real world. Unless you are a science teacher, or math teacher in isolation, you use a little bit of each of these subjects combined to solve your problems. For example: You are sitting in a chair and it breaks! Why did it break? Your answer will likely have to do with weight and/or force, and a faulty structure (Science, Math, Engineering). How will you fix it? (Engineering) What will you use to fix it? (Technology) What will you do to fix it so that it never looked broken? (Art). 

However, students need to understand each subject to be better at mixing them. But what happens when a child is not interested? Or struggles to understand it? 

STEM Happens! 

How will it help my child?

A child who is uninterested or struggles to understand these subjects will LOVE this approach. Why? Simply put...because it is fun. Designing a Web for Spiderman in our kit is really asking a child to think about Geometry and shapes, Force as they toss things at the web, Speed and Distance as they test their design, Probability and Ratios as they count how many targets they hit and compare it to how many they anticipated and I could go on and on. Now suddenly, they care to learn the material because they NEED it. There is  a real world connection to the material. Children begin to look for problems and journey to solve them. They learn to think critically. They learn to think abstractly. They learn to persevere.They learn to ask questions and make connections. 

Is it too complicated for my child? What are the ages for the kits?

STEM is designed for every age. How? The challenges themselves. The cool part about OUR kits is that once you purchase your kit, you will tell me your child's age, abilities, strengths, and struggles. As an educator, I am an expert in differentiation (making learning individualized and specific to a child). So, no two kits are ever the same!

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