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My child woke up EAGER to continue his Challenge in his STEM kit. He didn’t even say Good Morning before asking to get started again! It makes me so happy to see him so eager to do something different and enjoy it! - Parent


I am so grateful that there are still great educators in this world. I stumbled upon one of Mrs. Rojas's videos while scrolling on facebook in September. I watched the video and automatically KNEW this is what My Son needed.

My son, who has autism and developmental delays, has struggled through school with little help from his teachers. This year My son's special education teacher said some very discouraging things about my son, and pretty much in so many words, gave up on him! So as a parent I had to go into overdrive and handle this issue.

I contacted Mrs. Rojas about her videos and wanted her expert opinion on the matter. I definitely got more than what I asked for! She is amazing!! Mrs. Rojas looked over Dallas' school work for weeks, and off bat told me what they were doing wrong and what they should have been doing. She has looked over my Son's IEP, attended IEP meetings, and advocated for and with me! 

She went toe to toe with My Son's Teachers, the Principal & Speech Therapist!!! Anything they threw at me she intervened and made sure I understood what they were asking and made sure I was comfortable with the process!She fought every step of the way; no matter what excuses they made she came right back with an answer or alternative! She made sure changes were being made IMMEDIATELY! My son is learning more off of her videos than he is learning in his special education classroom! We have decided that our best option for my son is to take him out of his current school after Christmas break and put him in a school that has a program more tailored to his needs.

I can't thank Mrs. Rojas enough! And the fact that she only charged me $100 for her services when I would have gladly paid double that (but she refused...LOL) she is so worth every dollar.

I started this school year depressed, stressed out over the issues with my son and now my son and I are both looking forward to this next chapter thanks to Mrs. Rojas!

Shamika Burden, Parent

I’m not usually one to post personal messages on a public page, but I believe the world needs to know how amazing you are!

I cannot say “THANK YOU” enough!!!

I messaged (bombarded) Mrs. Kierra earlier today with a full blown emotional wrecking ball of drama, because I was at a very discouraging bump in our homeschooling adventure! Not only did she take her time to comfort me as a human/mom, but she spoke to me FOR MY CHILD. She gave my baby a voice while I was sharing so many harsh feelings about my teaching efforts. Not one time did she make me feel like our conversation was a rushed meeting or that my child was an issue with issues or that I was a terrible mother for struggling so hard! She listened, she heard, she gathered up resources and advice, she helped me. She encouraged, supported and even loved for a complete awesome is that!?

I know this isn’t your normal “appreciation post,” but I felt compelled to let you all know that this woman is an angel! She gave me time that I didn’t deserve and she gave my babies and I another chance at peacefully getting through our school days!

Again, there will never be enough thank yous!!

‎Paige LaCroix Thibodeaux‎, Parent

Kierra Rojas is a Godsend! Never have I ever met anyone will to share, encourage, and motivate a total stranger and provide them with resources and not ask for anything back but a "let me know how everything goes and keep me updated". Life is stressful enough and having a children in school adds to your anxiety as parents when it comes to our children. To know that there is some one who cares about the well-being and educational environment of your child is a relief. Teachers aren't always as open, honest, and clear as they should be, and neither is your child when they come home with a "sad face, color change or a not so good report". But to have Mrs kierra give a second professional opinion and actually go out of her way to express get concern and give you and your child hope is beyond a blessing. Mrs. Kierra is the epitome of "No Child Left Behind". She really cares and It shows in the way she allows the rest of the world to see her own child's accomplishments achieved Through the hands on activities demonstrated and created as a result of the success she displays. If there is anyone I'd call a role model, that demonstrates GREAT professionalism, GREAT parenting skills, sincere genuine care and GREAT concern, it would be Mrs Kierra Rojas. She has given me hope, my children a second chance, and has been a breath of fresh air to a society where the educational system has not always been so fair by wanting to label our children. Children don't deserve to be labeled they deserve a second chance and even more a second opinion. Thank you Mrs. Kierra Rojas for your second opinion!


Zakela J Mickens, Parent