Ki'Factors in Education Customized STEM Kits


Anamorphic STEM Challenge

Can You Make a Chair Pop Out of a Piece of Paper???

STEM Challenge: Ask your child if they think they can get a chair to pop out of a piece of paper! Then show them the picture attached. Allow them to attempt it with my video. AS YOU CAN SEE... I am NOT an artist and was still able to do this.
The science behind it: Anamorphosis. It means that if you look at a distorted projection (change parts of the image) from a certain angle, it will change the way your brain "sees" the image.
Technology: think...3D
Engineering: think graphic design
Math: the term is affine transformation

STEM Stars of the Week

STEM Stars of the Week

STEM STAR of the Week

Kiddos Enjoying STEM in the classroom


I hosted a STEM Camp at an Elementary School! These amazing students coded, created, redesigned, and problem solved! 

As a Parent Advocate and mom of two, I truly value and appreciate the hard work and dedication that families put into the academic success of their children. 

What's in the Kit?

Included in Each Kit:

Each kit includes 5 Design Challenges that are created specifically for YOUR child. NO kit is identical. While other brands sell a kit theme, we are unique in that we build the kit for your child. You won't have to buy any of the materials. If a challenge requires specific materials, they will be included in your kit. Each challenge has a material's bag that is pre-labeled. A "How To" video will be sent electronically to assist in completing the challenges.  If ever you have a question I also provide my contact information and respond within 24 hours. 

Sports Theme

15 Design Challenges Included

Princess Theme

15 Design Challenges Included

Frozen Theme

15 Design Challenges Included

Amusement Park Theme

15 Design Challenges Included